Sheet Pan Cooking


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Life is busy, chaotic and full on - whether you're a parent, part of a dual-working couple, or a student in a large flat-share. Sometimes getting dinner on the table seems like the hardest thing to do after a long day, let alone trying to think up something nutritious everyone will like. This book aims to show you just how easy and how simple a step it is to take to create colourful, diverse tray bakes. From an All-in-one Breakfast to a Grain-free Tomato Spaghetti Bake, these are the sorts of recipes that the whole family will enjoy, making it possible, finally, to sit down together for a meal. This book will show you that real food meals are not rocket science. They are not complicated and they don't take a huge amount of your time. It's about making the oven do the work. All you need to do is prepare the food then let the heat do the rest.

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