Baby Merino Wrap by AAA Design


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 Your precious little one will be warm and snug in this beautifully soft and luxurious merino wrap. Made from all-natural and ethically sourced New Zealand* ZQ merino of the highest quality; this superior and breathable natural fibre will protect your baby from the elements in irritation-free comfort. 


Merino wool is a natural super-fibre that is perfect for your baby. The individual fibres are extremely fine, meaning that there is no prickle sensation when it is pressed against the skin, only softness. It is anti-static so it won’t cling to skin and doesn’t attract lint or dust. It provides excellent UV protection and is naturally fire resistant. Merino wool naturally absorbs and releases moisture to keep baby dry and comfortable. It also has the unique ability to stabilise body temperature and naturally suppress odour.


Animal welfare is incredibly important to us at AAAdesign and the sheep that produce ZQ merino live a free-range life eating fresh grass in the clean mountain air of the South Island. They’re looked after by dedicated and accredited farmers who believe in and respect the guardianship of the land which underpins their world-class eco standards. Such a healthy and natural existence means the merino fibre is of the highest quality and performance. 


We proudly carry the level of care applied at every stage of production through to the finished product; a beautiful wrap for your baby. From the AAAdesign family to yours, with love from New Zealand.


* We do our best to only source New Zealand merino wool, but as we only use ethically managed farms, production can vary from season to season and on the rare occasion production is low in New Zealand we may use Australian merino wool to produce enough of our high quality product.

Dimensions:  120x75cm

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